Aaron David

Aaron David is a lifelong entertainer, singer, DJ, and emcee.

A native of Chicago, Aaron has called the Bay Area home since 2007. He was drawn to entertainment when he started taking music and acting lessons as a young boy. His interest in performing was further developed as a 16 year-old DJ and stayed with him as he toured the country in an 80's cover band, the Spazmatics. Aaron's years spent with both the Spazmatics and later, the Afrodisiacs, helped him nurture a passion for entertaining and building memorable audience experiences.

Photo by Scott Lasky    

Aaron David has made a name for himself in the Bay Area because of his energy, charisma and unique ability to connect with the audience. He describes his brand of interactive entertainment as hip-hop meets ‘Glee’ meets camp counselors meets break dancers. Whether performing in costume as the nerdy Irving “Earnest” Smorgasborgnine III, mixing music behind the DJ station, or leading the crowd at a b’nai mitzvah, wedding, or other special event, Aaron David gives his heart to his clients. As the Chief Entertainment Officer of Aaron David Productions, Aaron truly wants you to have the time of your life.