These are some questions most commonly asked by new clients.  

Contact us if you don't find the answer to your question. We love talking to prospective clients!

How does the DJ differ from the emcee?

  • The DJ is generally behind the 'booth', mixing and controlling the music. The emcee is generally in front of the 'booth', motivating and engaging with the crowd. 

Why do you recommend having motivational dancers?

  • Particularly with events where there are lots of kids, the dancers help keep everyone engaged. They can teach dance moves, interact with the crowd, assist with the games or other activities, and just generally help the emcee make sure that everyone is having a great time.

Do you take breaks?

  • There is never a time during an event when all of our staff is on a break all at once. During dinner or other times when there is a lull in the 'entertainment', our staff will each take a short break. It will be seamless to the guests, and not disruptive to the flow of the event.

If there are songs that we want played/don't want played, will you take that in to consideration?

  • This is your event. We will discuss the types of music you like and don't like, take special requests/song lists that you might have, and make sure to play 'clean' versions of songs/videos when appropriate.

Why don't you list prices on your website?

  • Event cost is based on your unique event. We prefer to talk to prospective clients, understand their needs, and then discuss price.

Do you have a video?

  • Yes. If you are interested in seeing our promotional video, contact us.

Do your packages include lighting?

  • Most include some basic lighting. We are happy to discuss your event and see what additional lighting options would add to the event experience.